7 Ways To Keep Your Mind and Body In Balance

Learn 7 ways to keep your mind and body in balance. Breakthrough your limitations and rewire your brain for optimal mind body health.Try combining physical movement, conscious breathing, relaxation and calming the mind as part of your daily routine. These practices can have a balancing effect on the mind-body system and reduce the effects of harmful stress symptoms.

Therefore, moving the joints and the different parts in the body a little bit each day, over time, can make an enormous difference in how your body feels, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day. It comes down to getting all the parts to cooperate and work together through movement, mindfulness and our own internal resources. Consistent practice creates balance in the mind-body system.

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Powerful Practices For Mind Body Health

7 Ways to Keep Your Body in Balance

  1. Try a daily yoga practice for mind body health.
  2. Conscious breathing is a simple way to become centered and calm.
  3. Meditation and relaxation are wonderful practices that can produce a calm mind in the midst of turmoil.
  4. Try bringing simple functional movements back into your daily routine. Just a 10 minute a day commitment for significant changes in how your body functions and feels.
  5. Discover Orthopedic Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Bodywork for deep physical changes and lasting relief from physical pain.
  6. Change your posture. Profound changes can occur when inflammation goes away. Try changing your posture just slightly while sitting or standing. Transitioning between these positions can help to reduce muscle spasms that can create chronic inflammation in the body.
  7. Try dancing to your favorite music for at least 10 minutes a day. Dancing is one of the most complex movements we do as humans, and as we grow older we tend to move less and get into repetitive patterns of just sitting, standing and moving forward. Movement is how we train our central nervous system to do what we want it to do, and what we expect our body to do. We create an envelope or normal range of motion that we want to gradually expand. When we reduce our movement over the years we reduce the body’s range of motion. An unexpected movement can take us outside of our “envelope or normal range” and we run the risk of a strain or an injury.

Self Improvement

A daily Yoga practice is a wonderful way to bring balance and harmony to the mind-body system. Today, more than ever before, there seem to be more styles of yoga and images of dynamic and almost impossible poses to perform. I want to share a simple yoga practice that anyone of any ability, age, size, race or gender can do to start getting the benefits of this ancient practice.

I offer a simple yoga practice as a way to start getting the benefits of yoga right now. Incorporating and focusing on breath and movement together brings about an abundance of calm and peace within the mind-body system. The postures will build strength, create flexibility and stimulate and improve circulation. The flexibility of the spine is essential for maintaining a healthy body and youthful appearance.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can defuse the effects of stress and tension, leaving the mind calm and the body peaceful. Many ancient texts tell us that yoga is only beneficial when students continually practice on a daily basis. Yoga is not a quick fix. For many devoted yoga students, it takes them years or even a lifetime of practice to achieve self-actualization, enlightenment, and peace.

Moving the joints and parts in the body a little bit each day, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, will consistently over time make an enormous difference!

Functional movement and being in the moment can make a big difference in the way your mind and body feels!

Enjoy your yoga practice and get the changes you’ve always wanted.

Kim Ryder

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