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About Breakthrough Mindsets

We specialize in mindset coaching, personal development strategies, health and wellbeing tools, and techniques. Our courses, products, and services are built with you in mind and we hope you take full advantage of what we have to offer you and find it useful.

Dave and Kim Ryder - Professional Speakers - Portland, Oregon

Dave and Kim Ryder Global Experts in Breakthrough Mindsets

Dave and Kim are inspirational, breakthrough mindset specialists and mindset educators. Dave and Kim come from clinical therapeutic backgrounds, specializing in helping individuals to make profound changes with their breakthrough mindsets training, programs, and personal sessions. In addition, they have traveled extensively around the world speaking and teaching at hundreds of venues to thousands of people and provide continuing education credits to professionals. Their Breakthrough Mindset programs are so innovative that other licensed professionals attend training events and frequently refer clients to them. Kim and Dave continue working closely with individuals, business leaders, and corporate groups to break through the mindsets that limit results.

 “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Dave RyderCo-founder

David Ryder, is an educator, international speaker, and author. He is a certified and approved CE provider for psychologists, counselors, and other healthcare professionals and has an extensive background as a licensed instructor for Orthopedic Medical MyOsteo Bodywork. He specializes in advanced Mind/Body Integration, and Mastery of the Mind, providing his students with a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Dave and Kim Ryder Breakthrough Mindsets Specialists

Dave and Kim offer courses, brain training programs and breakthrough consultations designed for professional people looking for clarity, focus, and direction. So they can flourish in their personal and professional life. The changes you can expect are quick, deep and lasting, so you can achieve your goals, be more inspired, creative, confident and a leader in your field.

Kim RyderCo-founder

Kim is a heart-centered teacher, speaker, author, and consultant dedicated to helping professional people to align with their highest core values, so they can take inspired action and create the life they truly want. She has lived and worked in Australia, the United Kingdom, and now in the United States sharing her knowledge through consulting, regular workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements.


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