Developing an attitude of gratitude is beneficial to your health.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude can literally change the way your body reacts and responds. So you can feel healthier, be happier, have better relationships and increase your productivity. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, and the ability to show appreciation for the kindness expressed.

Rewire Your Brain

An attitude of gratitude is a powerful state. Being in a state of gratitude changes the expression of your genes cells, by turning on healthy gene cells and switching off unhealthy gene cells. When you do this you can change the cellular messages in your body and if you can change your cellular messages you can overcome illness and keep your body in balance. When you express gratitude it is changing your vibration and your chemistry. You don’t need to take a pill to be in gratitude. So what are you grateful for? 

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ―John F. Kennedy

Attitude of Gratitude - Breakthrough Mindsets

Try This Powerful Practice

Think about what you are grateful for. If you can see an image it helps and if are not able to see an image in your mind, you can write it down. When you’re grateful I want you to feel it, feel it through every fiber of your being.  Being in gratitude is the most powerful healing tool you can use for yourself today. One of the things I do with my private clients is to help them overcome the emotional roadblocks that are getting in the way of experiencing gratitude. When these roadblocks are gone they can experience gratitude and change how their genes cells are being expressed in their own bodies. Practice gratitude often. What are you grateful for today? I am grateful to you, thank you for reading this article.

“Give yourself a gift of five minutes of contemplation in awe of everything you see around you. Go outside and turn your attention to the many miracles around you. This five-minute-a-day regimen of appreciation and gratitude will help you to focus your life in awe.” – Wayne Dyer

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