Change Your Mindset Around Health

We believe your health is your wealth!

Did you know that you can change your physical health by changing your mindset? A mindset is a series of thoughts, perceptions and beliefs we hold about ourselves. Our health influences our decisions at every level of being. To improve our overall health, it’s important to recognize how thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets can affect our health and wellbeing. The way we think about our health can change our health results.

Our mindset and perception are how we make sense of the world around us. The mindsets we hold create our reality by influencing our attention, motivation, and physiology. These mindsets determine our behaviours, outlook and mental attitude, which is super important for health.

The Body’s Natural Ability to Heal

The body has natural potential to sustain health and wellbeing when it’s functioning at its full potential. However, problems like past traumas, high levels of stress, poor posture, and an unhealthy lifestyle can interfere with the body’s natural normal function. This can limit our ability to reach a thriving physical, mental, and emotional state of well-being.

We believe that traditional medicine doesn’t look at the root of health problems and focuses mainly on symptoms. We take the time to understand your biggest problems and challenges then help you to release the emotional drivers that are held in the mind, that keep these problems in place. If the mind is peaceful and in a truly healthy place, the body will be too. We show you the tools and create a plan that works to restore healthy brain function and emotional wellness.

“If the mind is peaceful and in a truly healthy place, the body will be too ” -Kim Ryder

Make a Commitment to start a New Lifestyle

We believe you can turn your health around quickly when you address the emotional baggage and start introducing new empowering habits. Your health should be your first priority and it’s critical to do all you can to help your body avoid disease and illness naturally.

We know what it takes to maintain a healthy mind and body, and this year we have increased our own healthy habits, because our schedule got busy and we found ourselves sitting for long periods of time. So, we decided to set more time for ourselves every morning, to build our energy, strength, endurance, flexibility, and develop a healthy state of mind and body.

Here are some ways to create healthy habits

#1 Prioritize Time for Yourself

Start your day as you mean to go on. Set an intention, quieten your mind for 5 minutes to calm the mind and relax the body. A mindfulness practice offers a practical way to gain focus, clarity, and feel joyful every day.
Check out my videos Quick Stress Relief – Calm and Peace in 3 Minutes  Or Meditation for Stress Relie

#2 Get your body moving

Spend some energy to gain some energy. There are a variety of simple and effective physical movement that anyone can do, such as yoga, pilates, taking a brisk walk, gentle jog or a combination of these. This will help to improve circulation, build stamina, increase energy levels, and create physical and emotional health.

#3 Eat well stay well

We grow greens and herbs in our garden to make a green smoothie as our first meal of the day. We add fresh and frozen fruits, seeds and veggie protein to our mix. Smoothies are full of great essential nutrients for the body and brain function and also helps you stay fuller longer.

#4 Inner work

Working on emotional stress or internal roadblocks is a great way to maintain a healthy attitude and mind. When you address your stress, you can focus your attention on more important and meaningful tasks. I know from my own personal experience, that I can get far more done in less time, because I can stay focused.

#5 The present moment is a great place to start

To get started on changing your health, pick just one thing and make a commitment to yourself to do every day. Making changes in your routine, changes your neurology and helps to slow the aging process. Your brain loves newness.

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