Effectively Overcoming Anxiety

Today I’m going to show you how effectively overcoming anxiety can change your life in 3 easy steps, so you can live a higher quality of life.

Anxiety can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of worry, fear, and low self-esteem. Therefore, these feelings fill our experiences and keep us from living the lifestyle we want. They can keep us from intimacy in relationships, career advancements, and other important opportunities in life.

Anxiety becomes a filter for how we see the world. It also severely limits our potential in terms of what we do to achieve our goals and dreams.

The results of anxiety

The results of feeling Anxious can lead to avoiding situations, not taking risks, playing life small and safe.

Negative self-talk dominates your thinking and creates worry and fear which produces toxic levels of stress in the body.

Anxiety comes from your subconscious mind. You get triggered into habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Change Your Mind and Say Good-Bye to Anxiety

Unless you know how to change your mind, you get stuck in a cycle of thinking about past or future events and not trusting yourself or the course of life.
You focus your attention on negative limiting beliefs and hold onto insecurities from past experiences.

Recently we had a student in one of our workshops who said she had a horrible fear of driving. When asked for more details she said she was afraid of turning left at an intersection. When we asked her why she told us that she had a collision with a truck while turning left. Ever since then, she’s had huge anxiety when driving near trucks. Also, she was terrified when making left turns, to the point that she would go into fight or flight in gripping fear, even if there wasn’t a truck on the road. Her solution was to only make right turns. You can see how that could be a problem.

Hi, I’m Dave Ryder and Kim Ryder here. We are Breakthrough Mindset Specialists, Neuro-Programmers, and Mindset Coaches. We’ve been helping people all over the world breakthrough limiting mindsets and tap into a new state of mind.

The part that makes overcoming anxiety so tricky is what you already think and believe about anxiety and the past experiences that you’ve had.

3 Steps You Can Use to Break Through and Overcome Anxiety.

Number one is to break through with awareness. Anxiety is not something you have, it’s something you do. You have to produce anxiety to experience it. It’s important to realize that you are not broken or defective. You are not a failure, in fact, the opposite is true, you are working perfectly. Anxiety is a skill that you develop over time. It can get triggered when you find yourself in circumstances where you may feel helpless to change the situation. You don’t have to change the situation, only your reaction to it.

Number two is to know and understand that anxiety is not bad. Anxiety is a feeling that comes up in order to help you transform and address something that happened, or to change the way you see something. It is your platform for going to the next level in your life. Anxiety is also biofeedback from the body to help you change your reaction to what you’ve been telling yourself that may not be useful, relevant, or helpful. The anxiety you feel is from an old subconscious program designed to keep you safe.

Number three is that people that feel anxiety experience a lack of safety and security, so they look for it and seek it outside themselves. The security you seek from others will never give you the security you need. What’s important to understand is that you can’t get what you already have because you already have everything you need inside. It’s a matter of tapping into a new state of mind.

As a result of applying these three mindsets in your life, you will begin to notice new opportunities in all areas of your life and better and more intimate relationships. You’ll be able to focus on what you really want to do and feel more empowered. You’ll finally be comfortable being yourself in situations that used to overwhelm you. You’ll be able to go from anxiety to excitement.

You’ll be empowered to start to challenge your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and experiences so that you can succeed in a better quality of life.

You’ll avoid feeling broken, defective, not good enough, stuck, helpless, insecure and living a lifetime of uncertainty.

You’ll go from feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and stressed out to being confident, excited about work, life, and relationships. You’ll be focused on what really matters and feeling good about yourself and your life.

By approaching anxiety and applying these 3 mindsets that you just learned, you’ll be able to change how you think and produce new and better results.

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