How Bad Posture Affects the Body

This article talks about how bad posture affects the body. Firstly, we are going to talk about one of the biggest stressors of the body. For example, the way we hold ourselves, how we stand, sit and walk. Our posture and the way we are sitting, standing and transitioning can affect the way our body is feeling.

In the video above, Dave Ryder shares his knowledge and wisdom on how you can simply correct your posture and make big changes in how your body feels.

In the spine, each vertebra has four joints that need to both open and close. Bad posture can affect how your body feels if your body is out of alignment with your center of gravity. Consequently, sitting in poor posture increases the load on joints and can cause pain and premature aging. Therefore, you want to be mindful during sitting, standing, or in transition.

The ligaments that connect the bones can become overstretched from activities like slouching or poor posture. This brings the body out of alignment with gravity. Sitting in a correct and proper posture position can align your body so that you feel better and can sit with less stress and tension build-up. This means sitting on your sits bones, or the ischial tuberosities. The sits bones were made for sitting on, and therefore keep posture in better alignment.

The Importance of Movement

Our bodies were designed to move, not for sitting for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, the average person sits for twelve hours a day. That is far too long. Sitting for these long periods of time consistently creates imbalances in the body that can generate pain, discomfort, and stress symptoms.  Above all, the worst effect is when joints degenerate that are supposed to last for the duration of our lifetime. Sitting tightens and shortens areas on the front side of the body while weakening and overstretching areas on the backside. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, click here where and you can get fantastic bodywork with medical massage therapy sessions to correct your posture and restore these tissues back to their normal resting length.

This can be avoided with awareness, changing posture habits, and with mini mindful breaks throughout your working day. During this time your body will benefit from a brisk walk or some simple stretches. Regular movement can bring your body into balance and refresh your mind for more clarity, focus and productive states of mind.

How bad posture affects the body and how to fix poor posture - Therapist Dave Ryder from Total Integrated Therapy and Breakthrough Mindsets
How bad posture affects the body and how to fix poor posture

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