Mindset Training on Perfectionism

Perfectionists are usually not happy people.  Most have to do a lot of extra work because they believe that nobody else can do the things that they can do.
I had a client who was driven to achieve unattainable ideals and unrealistic goals.  When she couldn’t achieve these goals she often felt depression and had low self-esteem. She equated her ability to do everything perfectly with her worth as a person and she said she felt like a second-class citizen.

Perfectionism creates a lot of stress within those that try to be perfect.  They agonize over making decisions because they’re continually looking for mistakes and they always find them. Trying to be perfect is setting yourself up to feel like a failure because it’s impossible to achieve perfection. It’s a fantasy. As you can see this is a real problem.  Many of my clients report that they are feeling depressed, frustrated, anxious, and even angry, especially  when many of them constantly criticize themselves about not doing a good job after spending a lot of time, effort, and energy on the task.

Mindset Training on Perfectionism

One way to overcome perfectionism is breakthrough tapping as it helps to release the old unconscious programs, unhealthy thoughts, and mindsets that are getting in the way of living the best life possible..

Further more, perfectionists rely on accomplishments and achievements to compensate for a lack of self-worth. Therefore they are masters at denying their own self-worth and value. Instead of seeking perfectionism, be perfectly perfect in all your imperfections because the truth is, you’re already good enough.

Examples of perfectionists’ one sided thinking:

If I make a mistake in front of my colleagues, I won’t be able to survive the embarrassment.

Even though I’ve worked all night preparing for this report I know that I won’t do well.

Anything less than perfection is a failure.  If I need to get help from others, then I am weak.

Habits of perfectionists:

Checking and rechecking things over and over again, spending 3 hours on a 20 minute task.

Constantly trying to improve things by redoing them over and over and then never getting them finished.

Making elaborate to-do lists.

Agonizing over even the smallest details

All or nothing thinking

In conclusion, perfection is driven by a fear of failure or not being good enough. You can turn it around by owning your own worth and value and finding the beauty in the imperfection of things. We teach people how to overcome perfectionism with personal growth and development skills. By developing these skills, you begin to recognize when you’re doing certain actions and behaviors so you can stop being a perfectionist and start living your life the way you want. Reach out if you need help breaking the habitual pattern of perfectionism, by clicking the link here: Breakthrough Sessions

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