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My Purpose in Life

I found that many of the problems I had in my life, and in my client’s lives came down to a lack of purpose. One of my clients had a mysterious head pain that the doctors couldn’t solve. I asked, “when did that start?” and he said, “It started when I retired.” I then asked, “What happened when you retired?” He said, “Nothing! I stopped working.” When I found out what he loved and got him doing that, his mysterious pain went away.

Not having a purpose is like working on a puzzle with missing a piece.  It’s dissatisfying and unfulfilling because it’s incomplete. It’s not until you complete the puzzle that you feel satisfied.  You have to find the missing piece to the puzzle to make the picture complete.

I know this because before I found my purpose in life.  I felt like there was something missing.  This emptiness made me want to try to fill the void with stuff that didn’t fit.  This caused stress, fear, insecurity, depression, and self-doubt until I found the missing piece, my purpose.

This content is dedicated to providing brain training to find life purpose.  It is perfect for people wanting to live on purpose instead of by accident. We believe that it is the missing piece for many and that discovering true purpose leads to a life of meaning, purpose, and inspiration. Finding purpose was a major change in our mindset that changed our life. Finding your purpose can change your life as well.

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