Neuroplasticity of The Brain

Neuroplasticity of The Brain. The brain’s ability to change throughout life.

Changes can start to happen quick and easy when we begin to understand how neural pathways are created in the brain. For instance, when we process things in a new way it causes a shift in the brain.  Neural pathways are like superhighways of nerve cells that convey messages from the brain to the body. When we repeatedly send the same messages down the nerve cell we are reinforcing the pathway, making it stronger and creating a neural network in the brain.

There are many people who create certain behaviors and use unskillful ways to cope with stress, such as; with food, alcohol or smoking for comfort. Therefore, when we repeat these behaviors over and over, this forms neural pathways that can then become habitual.

The neurons in the brain can be compared to a path through a forest, and as we take the same path through the forest we begin to form a pathway that makes it easier to follow. Similarly, the same goes for our memories and beliefs, the more we practice and rehearse them, the more deeply they are imprinted in our neural pathways and central nervous system.

Create New Neural Pathways

The brain is always changing, and you can build new neural pathways and create new beneficial habits. This important concept is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s great capacity for remodeling around information. This means any information can be remodeled to create a new reality. Furthermore, rewiring the brain for powerful mindset shifts that lead to lasting change and new results.

For example; there are many people around the world who have recovered from major head trauma injuries, strokes and other neurological disorders who have retrained their brains to function again by building new neural pathways.

Neuroplasticity In Action

My husband Dave is an excellent example of neuroplasticity in action. At the age of twelve, Dave was crossing the road at a crosswalk when he was hit by a car at high speed. His poor body was flung down the road like a rag doll. He had multiple broken bones, hip, legs, and many skull fractures. He was in a coma for many weeks, and the doctors told his mother and father he may never function normally again.

Dave said when he awoke from the coma, he couldn’t understand anything anyone was telling him or talking about.

At one point he almost died, because his body was unable to take in water. He remembers seeing his mother crying and then piecing together what she was saying to him. “You have to take in water, or you’ll die,” He said later, something must have clicked, and my body started to take on water again.

The road to recovery was a long and hard one. His body had been set in a body cast out of alignment and he was in a lot of pain and discomfort. For many years Dave said much of what was meaningful before the accident was gone. Before the accident, he was a straight-A student, after he had a hard time staying awake in class. He also had a hard time remembering or connecting to people.

After visiting a neurologist and being told that he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself, this was a turning point where he decided he was going to take his own life in his hands.

As a result, over time he developed new skills like playing guitar and became an excellent Jazz and rock guitarist. Dave turned his attention to computers and gained three degrees in computer science. In his thirties, he got interested in the healing arts and studied and learned multiple ways to heal the mind and body. Now he is one of the best Orthopedic medical bodyworkers and Mindset alignment specialists in the world.

Many people suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, and addictions can heal and recover, learn new behaviors and attitudes that can transform their lives because of neuroplasticity, just like Dave.

Learning New Ways to Reconnect with Yourself

Furthermore, you can develop new ways to retrain your brain to function more effectively. Both Dave and I use a variety of tools to train our mind and body for optimal health and wellness. Every day we include a morning ritual which includes interval training, intermittent fasting, and mindfulness practices. These practices are a great way to start the day before our working day begins.

Finally, we both can testify that it has made a tremendous difference in our mental clarity and focus during our busy work days. Taking the time to reconnect with what our mind and body needs have been worth all the effort and energy. I believe it has helped to increase our productivity and be more effective in our business.

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