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The REAL Cause of Stress (Part 3 of 5)

Why Most of What We Know and Do About Stress is Completely Wrong

You may already know that stress is a huge problem, however, what most people know about stress is completely wrong. Stress doesn’t come from the outside, other people or situations. You can’t go to the store and buy stress, because there is no “Stress” isle. That’s why you’ll never see it on sale in the store because it doesn’t exist.

Where does stress come from?

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Hi, Dave Ryder here from Today we are going to talk about Stress Relief Techniques, and it all starts in the mind. Using your brain in the right way is the most useful and profoundly practical way to deal with stress.

Stress is something that is produced internally and is a symptom of what you do or don’t do.

There Are Two Kinds of Stress.

One is called eustress. It’s positive, it boosts energy, and is healthy. The second is distress, which is negative, harmful and unhealthy.

Positive stress has been said to be “the fertilizer of creativity” and helps us to perform better. Negative stress has been called “the silent killer” because it is invisible and intangible, and we acclimate and get used to dangerous levels of it. Yet its direct effects are very real, tangible, and concrete.

The effects of stress can be scientifically observed, measured, seen, felt, and experienced. We produce stress in 3 basic ways that are interconnected physically, chemically, and emotionally.

Stress Relief Techniques - The REAL Cause of Stress

Physical Stress is Created by What We Do or Don’t do Physically.

Overworking and under working both create stress. Both exercising too hard or not at all causes stress. When your body doesn’t get enough movement and exercise, you feel it. The average person sits in a flexed position for 12 hours a day! Think about all the sitting we do while eating, commuting, working, and relaxing. The human body wasn’t made for sitting, it was made to move.

Sitting for extended periods of time is hard on the body because it generates toxic chemical stressers that the body needs to eliminate from the system.

Similarly, when we don’t get enough sleep, that causes stress. Movement and exercise produce energy that we need for the day. A variety of regular movement also helps move fluids that detox the body, and also lubricates and keeps the body mobile and flexible.

Why Conquering Emotional Stress With Exercise Makes it Worse

However, exercise is not a good solution to the “ emotional stress” we produce from how we use our mind, as any relief is only temporary and will come right back. Typically the source of emotional stress gets ignored and suppressed, and the actual cause of stress does not get addressed through exercise. But, it can actually get worse.

While exercise is healthy and necessary, exercising should not be used to avoid or cope with emotional stress, because it only makes things worse down the road. It can burn us out because it is hard on the mind, its hard on the body, and can lead to exhaustion.

People tend to use exercise as an escape for temporary relief from emotional stress and as a result, inadvertently, condition themselves to carry even more stress at higher levels.

I had a client who seemed like a healthy executive on the outside, who suddenly died “out of the blue” from a heart attack. This individual was the CEO for one of the largest companies in the world and had a family he left because had a belief that exercise was the solution to his emotional stress. One day while he was exercising out on his run, he died suddenly of a heart attack. The doctor said that his heart had exploded. His strenuous exercise routine built up his stamina and endurance so that he could tolerate more stress than his body could put up with. He was working too hard to “manage” his stress, instead of control and stop it.

Everyone that knew him was shocked and surprised because he seemed “so healthy.” This is an example of somebody trying to use a solution, in this case, exercise, for the wrong problem, excessive stress. It took his life.

Dissolving Negative Stress Isn’t Hard

The truth is, you don’t have to work that hard! Your body loves you and is willing to die for you. You love your body back by eliminating bad stress habits. Using anything to cope with high levels of stress is not smart, healthy or wise. You don’t want to manage stress, you want to control stress.

Breakthrough Mindsets will help you eliminate the old subconscious programming and conditioned stress habits and put you back in control.

Eliminate Chemical Stress By the Foods You Eat (or Don’t Eat).

You can reduce stress chemically by eating healthy food and eliminating unhealthy food.

Eating too many candy bars or fast junk food and not getting enough vitamins, and nutrients will cause stress in your body. Dehydration also causes stress.

How You Feel Emotionally Can Determine Your Stress Levels.

How you feel plays a significant role in how much stress you’ll produce.

Intense negative emotions cause stress. When you feel bad emotionally, it doesn’t matter how well you eat or how much you exercise. How you feel overpowers everything else. You can do all the right exercises, and eat all the right foods, but if you feel bad it simply doesn’t matter because you’re mind and body are already taking a toll as you stress yourself out of health and well-being. When it comes to these three ways we create stress, hands down, emotions will always trump it all.

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